P A L A C I O


About me

Host, Producer and Podcaster

I am a lifestyle journalist passionate about telling stories that create a positive impact in the daily life of millions of people.

I have experience hosting and producing human development and social intelligence content on radio, TV, and social media. 

In 2018 I created the TV and podcast show The Impact Club (El Club de Impacto) and in 2020 I founded the podcasting-producing company Milky Wave Media, which helps content creators and businesses to launch their professional podcasts.

“…doing her podcast was the way that she discovered her passion for connecting with people because her goal is to inspire through her interviews and give the tools to her audience for them to achieve a fulfilled life on many levels: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental…”

This is quote was translated from its original language into Spanish.


Stories that have an impact

My goal is to contribute to everything I do.

From the creation of my YouTube channel, my podcasts, and my social media, to my work as a host and voice-over for different brands and businesses.


All the quotes were translated from its original language in Spanish.

"Since I got the privilege of meeting Andrea, she made an impact with her nobility, modesty, talent, and her communication skills."
Pamela Jean
Communication Coach
"One of the greatest interviews someone has made to me in my entire career."
Romina Sacre
Mexican Influencer
"Andrea is a great interviewer. I am shocked by her research. It's the first time they ask me something that I've only told to my three closest friends."
Sophie Alexander Katz
"Con orgullo de ver a la niña que una vez conocí, ahora llena de éxito y con un futuro enorme". "Very proud to witness the girl that I once knew, now full of success and a bright future."
Juan Carlos Gómez Balderas
RH Coach