Emerging Tech Final Reflection

This course was one of the reasons I choose to study in Humber in the first place. As a young journalist, I constantly feel a little lost because the world and technology are moving fast and the advice I receive from older journalists about my career is outdated. I was really excited to have this conversations that we had.

What I learned it’s that in the digital era that we’re living, there’s no secret formula because everything is evolving so fast that when you catch with something new, there’s already a new trend. The best we can do, is what journalists do best, keep learning about many subjects and tools and stay curious. 

Also, I take from this course, that the best way to navigate the uncertain future is to keep the good journalistic practices, to be aware of what you say, in the platform you’re saying it, and don’t say anything on social media that you wouldn’t say on paper. 

I liked about this course that we got to actually experiment with tools and had an overview of many things journalism is trying right now, like the newsletter. 

I was definitely concerned about the future in terms of the economic part because traditional media is suffering cause the lack of advertising. I would lie if I say I am not still a little afraid but I feel confident that managing the tools we saw this semester, new doors will open. 

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