Hi! I am Andrea and this is my story

I have always loved stories. I am fascinated with the power that a compelling narrative can do to the right person. Maybe, that is why I liked being part of the stories myself.

For many years my dream was to be an actress. I used to picture my future in the stage of a Broadway theatre singing and dancing. But it took me a while to realize that, what I craved the most, was to witness the effect a good story can have on an audience.

Through the time I was getting my Communications Degree, I discovered the beauty of the radio. I felt in love with radio broadcasting and got a job in one of the main radio networks of my country, Mexico.

Although on the outside it seamed like I was doing great, after 4 years of producing and doing regular broadcasting segments in Radio Disney and iHeart Radio, something didn’t felt right. The music stations weren’t fulfilling enough, I wanted more. I needed a content show that could help me inspire others.

Radio Disney Mexico 2019

Usually when I decide I am going to pursue something, there is no power on Earth that can make me change my mind. So I resigned, started my own podcast and began to work as an independent podcast and broadcast producer. For me, audio is the easiest way to connect with an audience.

I know stories can change the world and if I want to inspire thousands of people, I need to learn from the best of the best. So now I am here, in Canada, studying my Graduate Certificate in Journalism. My main goal is to improve my abilities as a storyteller and interviewer.

In the future I see myself stepping in the Television field and becoming the anchor of my own interview show. I want to talk with real people about the problems we all face everyday and tell stories that give them hope. I believe, specially in the reality we are living now, hope is the one thing that can lead us through tough times.