Science of dreams, nightmares

A podcast series about the latest discoveries science has made on dreams.

General description:

This podcast series is about what happens when people dream, especially during nightmares. I discuss the science behind dreaming, and what happens in the body during a nightmare with neuroscientist Dr. Mark Solms and psychologist Dr. Susan Whitbourne,.

I also explore the psychological meaning behind night terrors and listen to some testimonies from Lissu Pineda, Luis Hernandez, and Daniel Fernandez.

Episode 1: People’s dreams changed because of COVID-19

A recently published survey by Nature and Science revealed that during the COVID-19 pandemic, people had more nightmares than usual. Both neurological science and psychological science give their perspectives on how and why this could have happened.

Episode 2: The physical experience of having a nightmare

This episode explores what happens to the body and mind while experiencing a nightmare. There could be several reasons why someone could develop terror nightmares. Particularly, there are three groups that science can identify: patients taking Dopamine medicine, epileptic patients, or PTSD patients.

Episode 3: There are meanings behind the nightmares

There are many hypotheses surrounding dream interpretation. The first was proposed by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, but research through the years has evolved the neuro and psychological fields in the contemporary studies of dreaming. In this episode, the experts reveal what science knows behind the meaning of nightmares.

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